Online Gambling Scores another One

It seems that the online gambling forms that were fighting the French Open have won their case. French Open organizers were trying to keep people from participating in online gambling on the Grand Slam tournament, but they were unsuccessful in their bid.

The courts ruled that online gambling does not violate any rights of the French tennis federation. Bwin was offering bets on Roland Garros, as were several other online gambling sites, and the French Open wanted it stopped.

A Liege court ruled in the online gambling industries favor. The federation was unhappy with the outcome of the bill; they said that online betting hurt their reputation and that it was a blight on the sport. They had unsuccessfully sued Betfair, bwin, and Ladbrokes.

The European Gaming & Betting Association ruled that “these operators had behaved in a prudent and diligent manner.” They denied their request and released the papers that had been filed against the aforementioned companies.

They said that they could use the names as necessary to sell their product, as allowed under the law. They said that the casino’s usage of Roland Garros could be allowed for now.

At press time it was unknown what the French were going to do regarding the ruling. They maintain that the betting companies are unfairly using the tournament to make money.

Many states have now turned to some sort of gambling to prop up their overextended budgets. In fact, many have allowed full fledged casinos so that they could milk the residents and visitors for all that they are worth.

However, now some of them are realizing that there is more money to be made if they simply legalized online gambling within their state. Nevada and California have already started investigating the possibilities of bringing online gambling to their state and many are sure to follow.

They would allow online gambling within their state, in essence simply more gambling that would be allowable for residents only. They could not gamble outside of the state, and other states’ residents could not gamble in their state.

Now Illinois is looking at legalizing online gambling in their state as well. They are one of those states that just aren’t getting their budgets met and simply need more money to balance it. Now they are looking to legalize online horse racing, which is already legal under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

However, online gambling is not actually legal in Illinois to the extent that it falls into a somewhat grey area. The tracks have thought about legalizing the online gambling before, but as there was a 2000 Attorney General opinion that made a note of the fact that state law does not clearly state that it is allowed, they have not proceeded earlier with it.