Best Banking Methods

One of the most important things when you play respects your money. How fast can you start play? How fast can you have your funds at your account? These questions are very important and I’ll try to give you some light in order to improve all the process.

When you play at an online casino there is one issue that is very different from an offline casino. When you go to an offline casino you simply exchange your money for chips, play, and if you win you go to the cashier and exchange your chips for real money. You can then start to spend your money. It’s a simple process.

The online business is very different. It’s very difficult to have your winnings deposited into your bank account or into your pocket in a matter of seconds. There are cases in which you will have to wait weeks until you are able to spend your winnings.

But don’t be alarmed, there are ways to minimize the time you wait for your money. It depends on the payment and withdrawal methods you choose.

Using a credit card, for example, is not the best option. Your funds are credited automatically into your casino account but you will have problems when you want to withdraw them. This is because the casino cannot credit your credit card with more money than you have deposited using this method. The remaining funds would have to be sent to you using another option, like a wire transfer or a bank draft. If you win a good amount of money, it will be possible for you to request a wire transfer that should not take more than 2-3 business days, but if your winnings are more moderate your option would be to request a bank draft. Well, it may not take so long in the United States but it is a major problem for European players. You will have to wait a few days at least for the bank draft, and in most cases several weeks for your bank to put the funds into your account. And there is another problem, both methods have costs that can be high.

If you want to minimize your waiting period, the best thing to do is to use an internet wallet like MoneyBookers and Neteller. You can deposit funds into your canadian online casinos accepting neteller and then use this account to make purchases at almost evey casino, in seconds. The advantage is that if you win the casino will be able to pay your winnings into your Neteller account. If you have a registered bank account at your Neteller, you will be able to withdraw all your funds and to receive them in 1-2 business days at most. It is important to use Neteller to deposit funds into your casino account because most casinos will not pay your winnings to your Neteller account if you have not made any purchase using this method. This is for security reasons.

Opening a Neteller account is a very simple process. You can start using it in a few seconds by using a credit card to deposit funds into it. If you prefer you can use your bank account to deposit money into your net wallet. The next step you must follow is registering a bank account at Neteller. They will send you a few cents to your bank account with a reference number. After 1-2 business days you’ll receive this info and you can activate your bank account at Neteller to be able to withdraw funds using this method. This way when you win at an online casino you can request a withdrawal to your Neteller account and after receiving the funds you request a payment to your bank account. It should take 2 days to have the funds in your Neteller account and more 1-2 days to have them available at your bank. This way you are able to get your funds into your pocket in just 3-4 days, and with reduced costs since Neteller charges you about $/€ 1 for this service.

Neteller also has more advantages. Most casinos give you extra bonuses when you use Neteller, and this way you can have more control over your purchases and winnings at online casinos because the information is centralized in one single place. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help you.